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The nation of Cambodia is quickly becoming a hotbed of tourist activity, and no destination is finding this to be truer than Koh Seh. This beautiful island getaway is located just a mere 6 miles off the coast of Cambodia’s mainland in the Bay of Thailand. At just 2.9 mi. square in area, it is a powerful island of enjoyment packed in a very small area.

Koh Seh has recently been opened to the tourist industry. In fact, up until just a few short years ago this was nothing more than a small fishing village and not much more to it. This has left a large portion of its completely undeveloped, which means that visitors get to enjoy a fantastic vacation in a place that has not been scarred or ruined by man-made intervention. There is no large hotel here. No skyscrapers and huge lights the take away from the majesty that is this beautiful tropical paradise. It is just a small number of bungalows that allow for people to enjoy a personal experience with nature itself.

Koh Seh has some of the most beautiful beaches a person will find. They have been virtually untouched, allowing you to enjoy a spectacular day in one of the most beautiful places on earth. You will find that you can have an incredible day sitting out in the sun, looking out over the incredibly beautiful blue water. It is the very essence of tranquility.

If you want a little more adventure in your life, there are a great number of water activities that you can do around Koh Seh. You will find some of the best area for scuba diving the planet has to offer. You can snorkel and swim in the bays that caress the beautiful island itself. This allows you a safe place to enjoy the water, while not being overwhelmed by the waves or feeling that you make it too far from the shore. It’s a great place for parents to feel their kids are safe.

You can fish along the shoreline of Koh Seh, or you can take a boat out into the deep waters that surround the island look for bigger fish to try to capture. There are boats that you can rent, or you can join a tour heading out into the water to see who’s got the biggest fish story to tell by the end of the day.

Koh Seh also has some lush rain forest area where you will find some of the most beautiful wildlife. You will get up close and personal if you want with over 150 species of birds, monkeys, small reptiles, and insects that are so odd and unusual you have to see them to believe it. You will also see beautiful flowers and be able to sample some of the most spectacular fruits and vegetables your mouth will ever taste.

If you want to expand your vacation, the province of Sihanoukville has many great things to offer you. You can take a small boat ride to the other 21 islands located in the province or hit the mainland, where you can shop and find incredible places to eat. You will clearly find this is one of the most satisfying places in the world to spend your vacation.

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