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Koh Russei, also referred to as Bamboo Island, is one of the beautiful tropical islands located off the coast of Cambodia. This majestic tourist attraction is about 6 miles from the coast of Sihanoukville, which is rapidly growing to become one of the most popular places on earth for tourist to visit.

Once arriving at the Sihanoukville Airport, tourists are then taken to a dock where they write a private boat to the island itself. The cost of this boat trip is just five dollars and takes a little less than an hour to reach your destination. Once there you were checked into the luxury hotel located on the island.

Koh Russei has been developing a fantastic new hotel, that will be up and running in 2016. This tropical resort will be one of the most beautiful hotels that a person could visit anywhere in the world, while still not being too intrusive upon the natural beauty of the island itself.

On Koh Russei there are incredible activities for you to be able to enjoy. The island itself is barely over one half of a square mile in area, meaning most of the activities you would enjoy occur in and around the water. There is great fishing, swimming, snorkeling, deep-sea diving, and even surfing that you were able to do around the island. You can join a tour to be able to do your fishing, or rent a boat and spend the day out making an incredible catch for the day.

If you are into snorkeling or deep-sea diving, you can rent the equipment to be able to enjoy a beautiful day below the surface of the water, you can join with the group that will be going out into the ocean to search its depths, or you can hire a guide to help teach you and show you the beautiful waters surrounding Koh Russei.

Maybe you don’t really want to do any of that. You just want to enjoy a nice day in the sun with the rays warming your beautiful body. The beaches here on this beautiful island are made just for that. You can enjoy a great vacation going no more than a couple of hundred yards away from your hotel.

There were also tours, you can take of other islands within the region. You can rent a boat for the day and travel around viewing the other islands, or take a transport and spend the day on one of the other 21 islands within the Sihanoukville province. Sihanoukville’s mainland is great to visit as well, and you can get there with a simple boat ride. There are shuttles and transports that will take you to the two urban centers within the area so you can enjoy a great day of fine dining and shopping.

With the new hotel going up this year, this is rapidly becoming a destination that tourists are finding they simply can’t avoid. If you were looking for a little slice of heaven here on earth, then KohRussei is definitely a place you want to fit into your bucket list.

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